Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) are two hormones that play an important role during your cycle. FSH is responsible for the recruitment, development of follicles (bag in which egg is developing) and maturation of oocytes (eggs). LH is responsible for maturation and ovulation. When FSH is released by your hypotheses in the brain, it stimulates the growth of several follicles. In order to recruit the best follicles more acidic FSH is excreted during the early part of the follicular phase of the cycle. After approximately 6 days the FSH excreted by the brain becomes less acidic to assist the oocytes to mature to ensure that the follicle with the best oocyte will be released. Delfran’s gonadotropin product contains sufficient amounts of highly acidic and less acidic purified human FSH that assist the body to recruit the best follicles available and to assist with the maturation of the oocytes. For more information please contact your infertility clinic and ask your doctor what makes Delfran’s FSH different from the other gonadotropin products available on the market. For more information visit IBSA


Inofolic has the ability to assist the body to restore the metabolic and female hormonal imbalances and with the development of follicles. InofolicTM

Directions for use:

One sachet dissolved in a glass of water twice daily or as recommended by your physician or pharmacist.

Where to find: Available at your local pharmacy. To order online visit Get Pregnant

Why use InofolicTM ?

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Metabolic Hormones (Diet Control)

Fertility Hormones (Ovulation Control)

Product Content: Box of 30 sachets. Each sachet contains: Myo-Inositol 2g Folic Acid 200mcg (100% RDA)



Delfran, as a specialist fertility company developed Sperm-I-Prove with the assistance of a world leading sperm and fertility specialists. Sperm-I-Prove capsules contains the correct combination Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folic acid and Zinc that is required during the production and development of sperm and their antioxidant effect protects the sperm against damage from oxidants.

Directions for use:

One capsule taken with a glass of water daily or as recommended by your physician or pharmacist.

Where to find:

Available at your local pharmacy. To order online visit Get Pregnant

Why use Sperm-i-Prove?

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Men’s Health

Product Content:

Container of 60 capsules. Each capsule contains:

Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Folic acid


Delfran Family Starter Pack

For Mommy to be: A high level of Myo-Inositol in the follicular fluid is a marker of a good follicle and egg quality. A Myo-Inositol imbalance or shortage in the follicular fluid may lead to poor egg development reducing your chance to become pregnant. InofolicTM contains Myo-Inositol which may assist the follicles to rectify the imbalance in the follicular fluid and lead to improved egg development and quality. If you have quality eggs, it will improve your chance to get pregnant. For Daddy to be: A shortage of specific vitamins in men can cause sperm to under develop or get damaged whilst being stored. Sperm-i-Prove contains the necessary vitamins to rectify these imbalances. This may lead to improved sperm development and help to protect sperm whilst being stored The Delfran Family Stater Pack includes: InofolicTM for Mommy Sperm-i-Prove for the Daddy Delfran Ovulation Dipstick Test Delfran Pregnancy Dipstick Test

Step 1: for Daddy to be

Male infertility factors contribute up to 50% of infertility cases and it is recommended that the quantity and quality of sperm should be tested at a fertility clinic.

Step 2: for Daddy to be

When sperm are normal, or test result is within normal parameters, start with step 3

If the result is not within normal parameters, obtain 2 Sperm-i-Prove containers from your pharmacy and use for at least 60 days. (Although millions of sperm are produced continuously the process to produce mature sperm may take up to 70 days).

After using Sperm-i-Prove for 60 days you can test sperm quantity and quality again or proceed to step 3.

Step 3: for Daddy to be

When your sperm are normal, you need to protect the sperm against damage where it is stored. Use/continue with Sperm-i-Prove from this Delfran Family Starter Pack to assist in the

protection of the matured sperm, while trying to conceive.

A common cause of female infertility is the imbalance of female hormones. The balance of female hormones is very important for the development, maturing and releasing of the

egg. If the egg development is not normal or the matured egg is not released, you will not fall pregnant.  InofolicTM may assist with the regulation of hormones and quality of eggs

by addressing myo-inositol and folic acid deficiency.

Mommy to be

Step 1: for Mommy to be

You should start with InofolicTM immediately, when Daddy to be starts with Step 3.<

Step 2: for Mommy to be

To determine your most fertile days, use Delfran Ovulation dipstick. Refer to package insert for more detail on when to test.

Step 3: for Mommy to be

If you do not menstruate 14 days after ovulation, or suspect that you’re pregnant, test with Delfran Pregnancy dipstick. Refer to package insert for more detail.