CCD is well established in France and is the manufacturer of the well know Frydman range of catheters. CCD recently launched a new range of embryo transfer catheters which include the Full Echo Pro for the excact  release of the embryo, the Frydman Memory – Extra fine model for difficult embryo transfer as well the Classic and Soft Pearl Tip embryo catheters.  See our list of embryo catheters products below. The transfer of the embryo is probably the most important step in IVF. CCD has mock catheters for most of the embryo transfer catheters that will allow the fertility specialist to perform a trial run to ensure that the actual embryo transfer will be successful. When the embryo transfer catheter is placed correctly in the uterus, it is critical to deliver the embryo as smoothly as possible to the uterus. The CCD IVF syringe is extremely popular in South Africa because it gives the fertility specialist that extra feeling or touch that will allow him/her to to deliver of the embryo smoothly to the uterus. See the CCD range of disposable products below. For more information click here Product list

1323101 IVF Syringe 25

Leja Slides

Leja slides are high quality disposable counting chambers especially made for semen analysis. The Leja slides have an excellent low limit of quantification and can handle high sperm concentrations. Due to its characteristics, Leja slides will save time performing a semen analysis, as well as increase the level of accuracy and precision. During the production process there is a continuous quality control of the slides (chamber depth between defined limits, no air bubble formation during filling and not toxic for boar semen). A certificate of analysis is provided with all slides. Leja slides are suitable for human as well as animal reproduction. Delfran keep stock of the following products:

Article Code Product Nr of Chambers Height in micron Height Deviation
SC 20-01-02-B Leja Standard Count  Slides 2 20 10%
SC 20-01-04 B Leja Standard Count Slides 4 20 10%
SC 20-01-08 B Leja Standard Count Slides 8 20 10%
SC 20-01-02-C Leja Standard Count  Slides 2 20 10%
SC 100-01-02 A Leja Standard Count Slides 2 100 5%
SC 100-01-02 B Leja Standard Count Slides 2 100 10%

The following products will be ordered on request.

Article Code Product Nr of Chambers Height in micron Height  Deviation
SC 20-01-02-C Leja Standard Count  Slides 2 20 10%

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Male Factor Pack

The male factor pack contains a condom without any latex, lubricant or powder for semen collection. This guarantee that the embryologist will receive a clean semen sample and can perform sperm analysis without any interference.

Hy-gene Seminal Fluid collection kit

Delfran is proud to launch the new Hy-gene Seminal Fluid Collection Kit.

Our clients, the embryologists informed us that they do not want to receive a condom from a patient and the patients prefer not to hand over a condom to the embryologist.

The Hy-gene Seminal Fluid Collection Kit eliminates the problems mentioned above. The kit contains a male factor pack condom for semen collection, a funnel and a transport vial. The patient can easily transfer the semen to the transport vial using the funnel. The box of the kit is also designed to make the procedure easy and simple. The patient takes the vial to the clinic and the embryologist receives the semen already in a vial and can read the volume immediately.


Delfran recently introduced Synga’s top quality and very practical products for denudation, embryo and blastocyst manipulation. Synga produce top quality glass denuding and manipulation pipettes in various sizes. They also have practical tools that assist the embryologist to use the products.


Denuding pipettes

  • Denuding pipettes are available in inner diameters of 130µm, 140µm and 150µm (SG-130-50, SG-140-50, SG-150-50)

Manipulation pipettes

  • This pipette are intended for manipulation of human embryos. The inner diameter of the manipulation pipettes is 180µm (SG-180-50)

Blastocysts pipettes

  • These pipettes are intended for manipulation human embryos in the stage of expanded resp. “hatching“ blastocyst with an inner diameter of 250µm (SG-250-50)

Synga cutter

  • The pipettes above are packed in sperm straws. The cutter instrument is one of the most practical tools in a laboratory to cut open sperm straws. It only cuts the straw to such extend that it is easy to remove the pipette but without cutting the straw straight through. This prevent that your laminar flow will be full of sperm straw off cuts.

The codes above refer to the type of packaging. The Synga code SG is followed by the inner diameter and the 50 indicates the number of pipettes. (These pipettes are packed in 5 tubes containing ten pipettes each)

The codes ending on 20X indicates packaging of 20 (4 packs containing 5 pipettes). Each pipette has its own bulb and is ready to use.


Synga also developed practical tools to make the use easier.

Synga’s products are not only EC certified sterile medical instruments, but they are also very practical in real work of embryologists.

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