Delfran Pharmaceuticals is a fertility specialist company and we provide a range of diagnostic products that will allow you to see if you are ovulating (to establish most fertile period) which may improve your chances to conceive, establish if you are pregnant, test if your pregnancy developing normally, your vaginal ecosystem is in balance (if vaginal ecosystem is disrupted it may cause infection which lead to rupture of the membranes or preterm delivery) and to establish if you leaking amniotic fluid or not.



Male infertility, a growing problem Poor sperm quality is a key factor behind the problems many couples experience when trying to conceive. Since it can be inconvenient and embarrassing to visit a hospital or fertility clinic to get tested, many men choose to buy at-home sperm tests. However, the existing home tests do not accurately assess male fertility since they only measure sperm count and not sperm quality.
SwimCount is the first home sperm quality test, which allows men to get a reliable answer about their chances of making a woman pregnant. SwimCount works by measuring the ability of sperm cells to swim, which is a key factor in achieving pregnancy.

Why choose SwimCount?

Thanks to patented technology, SwimCount is a reliable easy-to-use home test kit for men that measures sperm quality – and all in the privacy of your own home! SwimCount measures the concentration of sperm in your ejaculate that can swim (known as motile sperm).
Just add the sperm sample to the device and within 30 minutes, an obvious colour change in the window can be seen, indicating whether motile sperm quantity is above or below the WHO threshold for normal sperm (5 million motile sperm cells per milliliter). SwimCount has an accuracy (sensitivity) of 96% when compared with micro- scopy.
If the test shows your motile sperm concentration is below the cut-off level for normal sperm quality, you should consult your doctor for further fertility testing.

Easy, quick and reliable

  • Easy-to-use
  • Fast (test result within 30 minutes)
  • Reliable (> 96% sensitivity)
  • Measures male fertility i.e. concentration of swimming sperm cells
  • Swimming sperm cells (progressive motile sperm cells) are the best predictor for male fertility

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The Eveline uses an easy, discreet clip-on attachment for your phone to hold test strips in front of your camera, where our app can automatically measure your fertility with pinpoint accuracy. It also keeps track of your previous results and crunches those numbers in a powerful learning program to discover your personal biological rhythm, giving you a heads-up of upcoming fertile days (whether or not you set up a countdown clock like a moon rocket is up to you). Leave the thinking to Eveline, and we’ll leave the fun to you.


Ovulation is that part of the cycle where the ovary releases an egg. If your ovary does not release an egg you will not become pregnant. It is therefore important to establish if you are ovulating or not, when you are trying to conceive.
A normal cycle is 28 days and ovulation usually happens on day 14 of the cycle. Because every woman is unique, it is important to check the length of your cycle to calculate the right time to establish ovulation. The information on our package insert will tell you when to test.
Delfran Ovulation Tests are available as a midstream or dipstick test and each box contains five tests.


After ovulation took place, a sperm may fertilise the egg in the fallopian tube and the egg will become an embryo. The embryo is responsible for the production of human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) and travels through the fallopian tube into the uterus where implantation will take place. The placenta is then formed and the placenta takes over the production of hCG. hCG is excreted in the urine and therefore it is possible to perform a urinary pregnancy test (midstream or dipstick) to establish if you are pregnant or not. If the level of hCG in the urine is above 25mIU/ml (approx 10 days after conception) the pregnancy test will be positive (two lines will be visible) indicating that you might be pregnant. Your pregnancy should be confirmed by the doctor or a blood test.
Delfran Pregnancy Tests are available as a midstream or dipstick test and each box contains two tests.