Nutritional support for conditions where thyroid functions may not be optimal.


The thyroid gland, shaped like a butterfly, is a vital hormone gland that produces thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) into the bloodstream as required by your body.  For example – You are feeling cold and therefore require energy to heat up. Your body tells the brain that you require energy to heat up and immediately the brain releases Thyroid Stimulation Hormone (TSH) to tell your thyroid gland to produce the necessary thyroid hormones responsible to produce energy to heat up your body.

TSH moves to your thyroid gland but unfortunately cannot tell your thyroid gland directly what to do. TSH must use a messenger to convey the message into your thyroid gland to produce the thyroid hormones. If the messenger system is normal and functional, your thyroid gland will produce and release the thyroid hormones into the bloodstream as required. Your body produces the necessary energy and you will feel warm.

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Mythyrox contains 30 tablets per box

Sometimes, however, the messenger system is down or not fully functional and then the message sent by TSH to your thyroid gland is not conveyed or not fully conveyed into your thyroid gland. Your thyroid gland, therefore, cannot produce, or cannot produce enough, thyroid hormones to provide the necessary heat and you will still feel cold. Because you are still cold and require energy to warm up, your body will keep on telling the brain that you are cold and the brain will continue to produce TSH,  even above normal TSH levels.

Sometimes your thyroid gland cannot function normally because of the high oxidant load in your thyroid gland. Due to the high load of oxidants, your immune system may produce antibodies in your thyroid gland that unfortunately attacks your thyroid gland and reduce the ability of your thyroid gland to function properly (see Hashimoto’s disease below).

In order to normalize the functions of the thyroid gland, it is critical to rectify the messenger system and reduce the oxidant load in your thyroid to ensure that no antibodies are formed in the thyroid gland.

Myo-Inositol supplementation may improve secondary messenger pathways required by Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) to convey messages across cell membranes. Selenium supplementation may result in an improvement of thyroid function by possibly decreasing unwanted antibodies that attack the thyroid.

The combination of Myo-Inositol and Selenium may restore optimal thyroid functions as well as improve wellbeing.

Mythyrox contains Myo-Inositol (600mg) and Selenium (60μg) in each tablet and thus may offer nutritional support for conditions where thyroid functions may not be optimal. Mythyrox dosage is is one tablet daily.

Patients with Subclinical Hypothyroidism may

be suffering from the following symptoms?








Hashimoto’s disease is an immune system disease in which your immune system creates antibodies that attacks your thyroid, a small gland at the base of your neck. The inflammation caused by Hashimoto’s, also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis, often leads to an underactive thyroid gland (hypothyroidism).

Problems with diagnosis:

  • Anti-bodies show up 8–10 years before properly diagnosed with thyroid problems.
  • Physicians do not routinely test patients experiencing symptoms for antibodies – so how would they know to treat them?
  • We need to take an integrative approach in order to establish where it came from and how it started including possible factors such as genetics, stress on body by pregnancy or puberty as well as environmental factors.

Thyroid Stimulation Hormone (TSH) is very important in keeping your thyroid hormones in balance. TSH requires a secondary messenger pathway (IP, PIP, PIP2 & PIP3) to convey the specific message from the receptor across the cell membrane into the cell.

Myo-Inositol is an integral part of such a secondary messenger pathway and a deficiency may stop or minimize the effectiveness of TSH despite normal or high levels of the hormone. Myo-inositol is the precursor for the synthesis of phosphoinositides, which takes part in the phosphatidylinositol (PtdIns) signal transduction pathway. Thyroid sensitivity to TSH may be increased by increasing the availability of Myo-Inositol.

An increase in antibodies may be caused by a deficiency of Selenium. By increasing the availability of Selenium, it may be possible to improve the balance of antibodies that are negatively affecting the thyroid and thus, play a role in regulating the immune system.

Treatment with Myo-Inositol plus Selenium (selenomethionine) may result in a significant decrease in TSH levels in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism due to autoimmune thyroiditis. There may also be a decline of antithyroid autoantibodies. There may thus be an immunomodulatory effect of the combination of Myo-Ins and Selenium.

Available at your nearest pharmacy or online.


Mythyrox contains 30 tablets per box.

Dosage is one tablet daily.

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Volume 2017.

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